Introducing…Truth Bombs!

Lulu’s mission is simple: we’re building a place for women to share and make smarter decisions — starting with sex and relationships. In the past year and a half, we’ve seen that mission unfold across the US on college campuses and in city centers. Today, millions of women come to Lulu to research their latest crush, recommend their guy friends to other women, and get advice about sex and relationships.

Women also come to Lulu to get the guy’s point of view on sex and relationships. One of our most popular features has been our Dear Dude column, where our resident Dude answers real questions from girls. In fact, Dear Dude is so popular that it’s been read tens of millions of times. Girls clearly want the guy’s perspective on sex and relationships. How do they feel about one-night stands? What’s their biggest fear in bed? What makes them happy in relationships and what drives them crazy?

  • Get access to raw, unedited thoughts from guys about sex and relationships. Like a message in a bottle, guys can share their innermost thoughts with girls. Truth Bombs are anonymous and instant, so girls get candid and immediate posts from guys with their most sensitive and vulnerable questions.  

  • Share your own experiences in real time. Girls come to Lulu to share, and the vast majority have created a review or answered a poll. With Truth Bombs, girls will be able to share their own experiences and tell guys and other girls what they think — all anonymously.  

  • Get instant advice from other girls. Lulu is first and foremost a community of women, and girls come to Lulu to get information and learn from other girls. With Truth Bombs, girls will be able to get instant advice from other girls and engage in anonymous conversations about sex and relationships.

Of course, anonymity comes with responsibility. Our Community Guidelines clarify what is and is not acceptable on Truth Bombs to keep the conversation positive and constructive. Please read our guidelines and respect them.

Download the latest version of Lulu in App Store or on Google Play for free to start using Truth Bombs today.

Team Lulu


The Maze Runner men on Lulu

#Fearless and #SoHotTheyMustBeSciFi, The Maze Runner boys will certainly get your hearts racing when you see them on-screen…

…but are they too #LostInTheMazeOfLife to find love in the real world of dating?

You decide, ladies. Let other girls know what you think of the movie’s main characters with these sponsored goodies:

  • Read and create Lulu reviews for Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), Gally (Will Poulter), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Minho (Ki Hong Lee), and Alby (Aml Ameen) - who gets the ladies’ seal of approval and who plays too many games?

  • Spice up your reviews with our special edition hashtags inspired by the movie - should a girl in the Glade #ExpectExplosions or is he a #FighterNotALover?

  • Decode his secretive behavior with a special edition Dear Dude on the theme of mystery. What does it mean if your guy won’t talk about his past? And how can you get him to open up?

We know, we know…we’re excited too.

You can check out The Maze Runner and its #Mysterious men in theaters on September 19th. See you there!

Team Lulu


Challenge cat-calling with Street Whisperer

You’re walking down some street and some seedy dude who #ShouldComeWithAWarning yells: “Hey baby, you look tired…good thing there’s a bed at my place!” You say nothing… but wish you had a witty reply at the ready.

Most women experience cat-calling at some point in their lives (at least 65% according to a survey from Stop Street Harassment). Now, four talented high-schoolers want to empower women to respond. Inspired and supported by their peers at Girls Who Code, Raye (16, Junior), Meilan (16, Senior), Sabrina (17, Junior) and Mya (16, Junior) invented a website called “Street Whisperer” to help women come up with smart replies to cat-calling. 


From left: Raye, Meilan, Sabrina and Mya

Here’s how it works: Say you hear a remark, and you want to respond. You can choose the level of severity (on a scale of 1 to 5) and get a clever and satisfying remark to hurl back at your cat-caller, ranging from the non-confrontational to the gutsy. For example, if the harassment is a 3 and you’re feeling gutsy, Street Whisperer suggests you reply with the following:

“What did you just say to me? *combined with expressions of shock and disgust*. Explain to me how you think that’s appropriate in this situation.”

You can also record the location of the cat-calling to help other women discover where they’re most likely to be cat-called.


Get an appropriate response based on the severity of harassment

The creators created their website as their final project at Girls Who Code, a summer immersion program in computer science and entrepreneurship for high school women. They see the website as the first step in their vision to create a global network for women to access resources to respond to sexual harassment. That’s a vision we believe in and support whole-heartedly.

Congratulations, Meilan, Raye, Sabrina, and Mya and your Girls Who Code classmates. We can’t wait to see where you take this!

Team Lulu

Say how you know him on Lulu with these new categories

You’ve Hooked Up a few times now but you’re not Together. You can’t decide if that cute guy from the office is a Friend or Crush.

Sometimes defining your relationship to a guy isn’t that simple, is it?

Since Lulu takes its cues from the real world, we’ve listened to your suggestions and introduced 3 new categories into the review process to better reflect the reality of the different, ahem, ways we know the guys in our lives.

Is he a Friend Who Benefited (insert excessive winking and nudging here)?  

Or are you in that ambiguous grey zone that begins with “Hey, what’s up” SMS messages and often ends with repeat but unpredictable hook-ups, also known as  We’re Talking?

If you’re still not sure, don’t worry.  True to the value we place on privacy here at Lulu, we respect if you’d Rather Not Say.


Team Lulu


Supporting Girls Who Code

Lulu’s CEO, Alexandra Chong, talks about meeting the students at Girls Who Code, a program which aims to encourage young women to study STEM subjects. Check it out!

I spent the morning with 20 high school students at the Girls Who Code summer immersion program. We spent part of our time together brainstorming mobile apps for girls that address needs these girls and their friends have — from safety and security to fashion and beauty. I was blown away by their creativity and ambition; these girls are going to be the next generation of entrepreneurs and CEOs! 


Girls Who Code is addressing a critical problem in our industry. Women make up half of the US workforce, but hold just a quarter of jobs in tech and computing. This problem begins early; in middle school, three-quarters of girls express interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), but when choosing a college major, just 0.3% of high school girls select computer science. Girls Who Code is an important step toward addressing this problem, and I feel privileged to get to know the young women who are pioneers in changing the tech landscape. 

Alexandra Chong 

CEO & Founder

Searching for guys on Lulu just got easier!

He’s #TallDarkAndHandsome, a #SexualPanther… and on the mind of every woman in America in the new 50 Shades of Grey trailer. Jamie Dornan sizzles on screen as Christian Grey, but what’s he like in real life?

Whether searching for a kinky playboy or that cute intern, millions of girls come to Lulu to research guys and get information from other women to make smarter decisions. Search is a critical part of Lulu, and we’re excited to release two improvements today to make search faster and more useful.


Find your guy faster with revamped search

We’ve revamped our search function to help you find your guy faster. As you type, we search through all the guys in our App and offer suggestions to complete your search based on your friends, your favorites, and popular guys on Lulu.  

PRO TIP:  Use 3+ more letters when typing his name. 


Discover new guys with Related Searches

Can’t find your guy? Try a search for a related guy. In addition to faster search, we’ve also added related searches to your results. Now, when you search for guys, you’ll also see other relevant guys… who are perhaps less prone to #TemperTantrums or more likely to be a #DanceFloorKing.


Happy searching,

Team Lulu

Limited edition hashtags for Summer!

Get them while they’re hot! Our fabulous summer interns have created limited edition summer hashtags for you!

Incorporate these hashtags into your sizzling reviews to let your guy know if he’s on track to becoming the perfect #SummerFling.

As you well know, summer is filled with endless opportunities for romantic escapades. There is bound to be a summer hottie you have your eye on at work, or the tan lifeguard at the beach with a #12Pack.


These hashtags were hand-crafted specifically for the remaining weeks of freedom before you’re back to hitting the books. So, next time you’re out with your friends and meet a potential summer romance, keep these new hashtags in mind!

If you are crushing on a guy who’s definitely #Baywatch, his review should signal that #YouCanGiveMeMouthToMouth. Or, if that annoying guy can’t take a hint and you’re thinking, I’d #RatherHaveAHotDogInMyMouth, let him know with some constructive criticism!

As always, use our new hashtags wisely.  We created them for you!

P.S. Boys, if you haven’t done so already, go out and get yourself a pair of #SalmonShorts and #BoatShoes!


Team Lulu

The Lulu map of America!

Where are all the good guys? We want to know, too!

For the first time ever, we’ve analyzed all the hashtags girls use to describe guys they know on Lulu, city by city! Oh hey, Geography, when did you get so interesting?

This hilarious map, featured in TIME, Cosmo, New York Magazine, and Women’s Health Magazine, showcases some of the rich data that we have about what women think and gives guys important feedback about how they stack up.


Here at the Lulu office, we (naturally) have a soft spot for those #NerdyButILikeIt techies in San Francisco, but we wouldn’t mind a cosy night-in with a guy from Philly and his #AmazingCuddles either. If you’re after a fun fling, get thee to New York where the boys will charm you with their #BedroomEyes. Or perhaps it’s time for a trip to Boston to meet #OneOfTheGoodOnes?


Team Lulu


More, more, more: new guys & new sex advice on Lulu

We get thousands of emails from users asking for two things: more guys and more sex advice. Today, we’re launching a suite of new features to help you find and review more guys and get brutally honest and hilarious sex advice.

More guys


Do your research faster

We’ve added tags to the Dashboard to help you find and research your guys faster. Now you can see how you know a guy right on your Dashboard with tags like Same School, Friend, Nearby, and Just Updated. 

Create reviews faster 

We’ve given Lulu reviews a facelift to make it faster and more fun to review and recommend guys. You can now pick best and worst hashtags at the beginning of a review then speed your way through questions about his sense of humor, look and style, manners, ambition, commitment, kissing, and sex skills! You’ll also see a star rating for every question, so you can be sure you’re giving that great kisser his props.

More sex advice 


New sex polls from guys

What time of day do guys like to get it on? What do dudes really think about cheating? We ask millions of guys what they think about sex and relationships and share their answers with you anonymously in our brand new “Lulu asked guys” polls.

Easier access to The Dude

We’ve added a new menu to the Dashboard so you can access your favorite answers from Dear Dude on your Lulu home screen. We’ve also created a beautiful new library of Dear Dudes and “Lulu asked guys” polls, so you can spend those 10 minutes in between class or at the coffee shop browsing your favorite sex advice.

Guys, share your score! 

Guys, you’ve been bragging about your Lulu score on social media from the beginning. Now you can do it with the click of a button, and easily share your score and hashtags with your friends. Want the secret to getting more ladies? Tell her you’re an 8.7 and a #SexualPanther…

Enjoy these new goodies by updating your Lulu app or downloading Lulu for FREE in the App Store or on Google Play!


Team Lulu


Freedom of feedback with Lulu

Good news, Lulu-ers!  Fireworks won’t be the only thing banging this weekend because women and men in the land of the free and the home of the brave are using Lulu to become better-informed daters. (And we all know what that means).

With the freedom to get individualised, anonymous feedback on everything from sex to commitment, guys on Lulu are seriously improving their dating game. They can also access exclusive intel on what real women want from sex and relationships from our anonymous polls and popular sex advice column, Ask Lulu.  


As well as getting tips on how to become #OneOfTheGoodOnes, dudes can promote themselves to ladies with their own descriptive hashtags, turn-ons & turn-offs, and pics! Get discovered by millions of girls browsing potential Independence Day dates on Lulu - will you be her #Unicorn this Fourth of July?

The Lulu Team

Lulu and AskMen team up to help guys become better men

Guys, you’ve been wondering what she wants and you’re about to find out.

Starting today, you can read the first in a series of four articles featuring Lulu’s unique polls on AskMen, the #1 men’s lifestyle platform. How manscaped do you like your man? Find out what millions of girls say they want from their guy’s grooming (Hairless and smooth? The way nature intended?), and get tips alongside each poll from AskMen’s sex and relationship experts.


Want even more advice? Lulu Dudes can now read our favorite AskMen articles in the SexEd section of the new Lulu guy experience. In the first article, AskMen spells out “11 Compliments That Women Actually Find Insulting”. Expect to find even more great sex and relationship advice from AskMen on Lulu in the coming weeks.


The Lulu Team

New for guys: personalized analytics about what girls want

Guys, you’ve been asking for this since the beginning. You want to know how you’re doing on Lulu and what you can do to improve. You’ve emailed us, tweeted at us…and even called Lulu the best thing to happen to men! We got the message, and we’ve rolled out a new experience for you to see how you’re doing on Lulu and find out what girls you know think about you. 


Head over to the App Store (Android coming soon!) and download the new free version of Lulu to:

Get personalized analytics about your profile on Lulu

  • See your average score
  • Get a breakdown of your score and how you can improve across seven categories, such as kissing, ambition, commitment, humor, manners, look and style, and sex
  • Check out the hashtags that girls you know use to describe you, such as #CleansUpGood, #CallsOnTime, or #MaleUnicorn

Watch your Lulu fan club grow

  • See in real time the number of girls who have checked out your profile, searched for you on Lulu, and favorited your profile
  • Get seen by even more girls by adding multiple photos and hashtags to describe yourself

Learn what girls really want from sex and relationships

  • Read anonymous polls, answered by millions of girls, on topics ranging from sexting to three-ways
  • Check out Dear Lulu, a sex advice column in which real girls answer guys’ questions about sex and relationships. Lulu has already received hundreds of thousands of questions from guys!
  • See tips and advice about how to improve in areas like humor and look and style, including special listicles from our friends at Buzzfeed

Girls, don’t worry. Privacy will continue to be at the heart of Lulu, and all activity from girls on Lulu will still be completely anonymous. Think of this as a chance to give the dudes in your life some helpful feedback — all anonymously, of course.

The Lulu Team

Lulu’s talented tech team

We’re very proud of our Lulu engineers, and we wanted to share some exciting news. One of our iOS developers, Hristo Hristov, was part of a team that won first runner-up at the 2014 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in New York City (May 2-3, 2014). Hristo and his team created an app to help you remember your favorite nail polish colors and share them with your friends.

That’s right, nail enthusiasts, you can breathe a sigh of relief: you won’t need to remember whether your favorite red was “Dutch Tulip” or “You’re a Pisa Work”, or which salon gave you great french tips. With Indulge, you simply select your salon, scan your nail polish, snap a picture of your nails, and store and share the information.

So resist chomping on your nails and get those cuticles neatly pushed back, ladies: it’s time to take Indulge down to the salon. And congrats Hristo and team!

The Lulu Team

Should I ask him to formal?

Finals are almost over, which means it’s time to find out if the #NerdyButILikeIt guy you’ve been flirting with after class #CleansUpGood when he dons a tux.

Unless you’ve been lost inside your Occulus Rift machine, you’ll have noticed that there’s a buzz in the air as high school and college students wonder how they should ask that hottie to formal.

If you already have a ready-made date in the form of a boyfriend, congrats on having a defined relationship (like, seriously, well done) but that shouldn’t prevent you from keeping the romance alive with an official ask.

And for the rest of us, let’s not fret about our singleton status or the fact that we’re stuck in that awkward ‘yes, but what ARE we’ zone. Formal season provides the perfect opportunity to ask out that #FinallySingle dude, or to confirm that you and him are, in fact, more than just friends with benefits. It’s time to prompose…lady-style. 


That’s right, the outdated idea that you have to be in possession of a Y chromosome to “pop the question” has officially crawled under a rock and died. Instead, the phenomenon of ‘Lady Promposals’, i.e. asking a guy to prom or formal in a creative and often public way, has been sweeping guys off their feet!

Take this high school seniorfor example, who, rather awesomely, asked out her crush via her HuffPost Teen column (he said yes). Some other tried and tested techniques include filling his room with fifty “Formal”-branded balloons, ‘tapping’ your man of choice with serenades and gifts (popular among sororities), and even announcing your affections in the form of a skydive (extreme, but very hard to say no to). 

More fun than watching him hang off some other girl’s arm on the night, right?

And before you make your move, Lulu can help you decide whether he’s the right guy to accompany you to formal.

Will he woo you as he #DancesLikeMJ and puckers his #KissableLips during that final song? If you’re after a good time with the #LifeOfTheParty, it’s important to know he #HoldsHisLiquor to avoid a messy situation. Or are you the kind of gal who appreciates a gentleman who #CallsOnTime bearing #FlowersJustBecause?

Let Lulu be your guide! Happy Promposing, ladies!

The Lulu Team

The Other Woman debuts on Lulu

He’s #TallDarkAndShady and he gets an #FinFidelity.

We’ve been there: you found out he’s a cheater and want to warn other women.

Lulu has your back. We’re celebrating the power of girl talk with the new comedy “The Other Woman” starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton as women who team up to take down the same cheating guy (Mark King aka Nicolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jaime Lannister). Sound good? We think so. For the next few weeks, you can enjoy special edition sponsored goodies inspired by the movie:

  • Search for Mark King on Lulu and share your opinion of the cheating, lying, three-timing #SexyScoundrel
  • Select from our special edition hashtags and tell other girls if he’s #SmoothLikeGravel or has #ChiseledEverything
  • Read a hilarious and brutally honest Dear Dude all about cheating


See what the other women are saying about Mark and let us know what you think about cheating cheaters like him with your own review.

And while you’re at it, go check out “The Other Woman” in theaters on April 25.

The Lulu Team

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