The Other Woman debuts on Lulu

He’s #TallDarkAndShady and he gets an #FinFidelity.

We’ve been there: you found out he’s a cheater and want to warn other women.

Lulu has your back. We’re celebrating the power of girl talk with the new comedy “The Other Woman” starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton as women who team up to take down the same cheating guy (Mark King aka Nicolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jaime Lannister). Sound good? We think so. For the next few weeks, you can enjoy special edition sponsored goodies inspired by the movie:

  • Search for Mark King on Lulu and share your opinion of the cheating, lying, three-timing #SexyScoundrel
  • Select from our special edition hashtags and tell other girls if he’s #SmoothLikeGravel or has #ChiseledEverything
  • Read a hilarious and brutally honest Dear Dude all about cheating


See what the other women are saying about Mark and let us know what you think about cheating cheaters like him with your own review.

And while you’re at it, go check out “The Other Woman” in theaters on April 25.

The Lulu Team

Your NEW Notifications Center: all your Lulu updates in one place

We’re introducing a brand new Notification Center. No, there isn’t a weight room and your band can’t play there—it’s not that kind of center—but we think you’ll like hanging out there nonetheless.

The Notification Center is a convenient way to keep up with your guys on Lulu — your friends, your favorites, that guy you’ve had your eye on and secretly stalked all winter. In the Notification Center, you’ll see updates about his recent activity (new relationship status! new reviews!) and get the latest advice on sex and relationships from Dear Dude.


We’ve also introduced new notification settings, so you can tell us exactly which updates you want to receive. Want to know when a friend adds a new photo? Just want to hear from Dear Dude? Let us know in notification settings.

And for those of you with sharp eyes, you’ll notice that we’ve switched our app icon from pink to black. Pink was the new black, but we’ve grown up a little and realized black is the new black.

We’re working on even more goodies to make your Lulu life more fun and useful, so stay tuned for exciting updates to come.

The Lulu Team

A tale of two interns

What’s it like to work at Lulu? Laura and Natasha, interns in New York and London, tell us about their experiences so far! Keep reading for this special sneak peek inside the Lulu offices…


What made you want to work for Lulu?

“I know all too well the stress of dating…”


My friend introduced me to Lulu in my junior year at high school when she explained to our lunch group how the app worked. Intrigued, the girls and I immediately downloaded the app. Everyone must have been wondering what we were laughing and gasping at because the app quickly spread around the school afterwards.

As soon as I saw the words “Lulu” and “work experience” on an ad for one of their marketing projects, I immediately messaged the Marketing Manager to arrange an interview; for the next three months, I balanced school, pledging for my sorority, hanging with my friends, and Lulu (and boys). The experience was really fun so when they mentioned a paid internship in their New York office, I jumped at the chance!


I think the vision behind the app is so powerful. I know all too well that dating can be a huge stress without references. I had a couple of really bad dates back when I was a student: once a guy actually turned up to a dinner date drunk and was so rude to the staff that he got us kicked out of the restaurant! Naturally, I was interested in a tool that helps girls make smarter decisions after that disaster.

What’s it like working at the Lulu offices?

“There is never a dull moment at Lulu”


I’m not sitting at a cubicle or in a quiet, reserved office: everyone here is social and inviting. I’m really enjoying the openness of start-up culture and how every single member of the team contributes to its vibrant atmosphere. I was asked on my very first day to come up with some hashtags; soon after, I saw my hashtags on the app! It felt incredible. 


I have to say there is never a dull moment at Lulu. On my first day, which coincided with Halloween, my nerves subsided as I was given a warm welcome by some costume-clad team members:  a pirate (CEO, Alexandra), a cowgirl (Co founder, Alison), a bumble bee (Marketing Director, Deborah) and Mickey Mouse (CFO, Kew). It was clear that this was going to be an interesting experience.

Several months on, I have learned so much and my confidence has grown immensely. I’ve felt like an active member of the team since Day One: from partaking in product brainstorms to organising international conferences, there have been endless opportunities to get involved!

Are you enjoying working in ‘The Big City’?

“Now, here I am in an exciting and busy office”


New York is awe-inspiring. There are millions of people around and activities to do all the time; it’s a beating heart. The only work experience I’d had prior to coming to the east coast was a relaxed job at a crepe restaurant. Now, here I am in an exciting and busy office in the Flatiron district! Cooking is pretty different to marketing. Very surreal.


Yes, it’s exhilarating! I’d always been told that London is a fantastic place to be a young professional and I can certainly vouch for that accolade now. There is always something going on in the city with its eccentric markets, beautiful old buildings on display, and amazing shows.

What are your plans for the future?

“Lulu has prepared me for future challenges”

L: Working here has helped me decide my plans for the future. Prior to this experience, I had no idea. Now, I know that I want to gain a degree in Media Studies, with an emphasis on PR and Marketing, and, one day, to work for a large tech company in the Silicon Valley.

N: I felt the same as Laura before my internship, but now I’ve decided that I would definitely like to pursue a career in marketing. I just love how creative it is, and working for a fast-paced start-up has certainly prepared me well for the challenges of the industry!

Laura and Natasha, Interns at Lulu

Lulu is throwing a #SunsOutGunsOut party and you’re all invited!

We’ve all been through a rough winter and deserve to celebrate the sun, the fun, and the loss of layers. 

Guys, send us your shirtless glamour shots and be seen by our millions of Lulu users.

Girls, recommend your favorite guys by sending in pictures of their sun-kissed arms. Because, let’s be honest, we’ve been waiting for this just as long as they have.

*Send all pictures to and keep an eye out for your pictures on our Instagram feed (@onlulu)!


A guy’s perspective on hook-ups vs. relationships

Last month, we explored the world of dating from a girl’s perspective; now, it’s time for a guy’s. Allan Reynzo answers the question that’s been plaguing women for centuries: What makes a guy settle down and pursue a relationship over a hook-up? Read on to find out how Allan met his wife by changing his mind-set.


I was recently chatting with a friend about relationships - specifically, the reason a guy would pursue a relationship over sleeping around with the occasional hook-up.  The answer is simple:  it’s in the mind-set of the guy.

After years of not really caring what (or who) I was doing, I noticed that the satisfaction I derived from each of encounter was, for the most part, slightly less palpable than the previous.  The “hunt” was always exciting but after a certain point, the physicality was essentially a tangential benefit. The real thrill, at least for me, was answering the question, “Can I seal the deal?”.

“Hook-ups became less satisfying”

Mornings were typically awkward. Texts were even worse.  Should I respond? Should I continue making plans with somebody who doesn’t interest me?  After a certain point, this begins to take its toll. 

I like to think of myself as a good, decent person with integritybut there was a fundamental disconnect between who I was at work, with my family, with the friendly Starbucks barista, and the person I was during these other, more disposable interactions.  Reconciling the two became increasingly difficult.

“I needed to engage with women I could see myself committing to”

Although the actual hooking-up was always enjoyable, the “hangover” kept getting worse. Eventually, I decided that it wasn’t working.  I needed to start engaging with partners that at least stood a chance; with women that I could see myself committing to.  Obviously, there were some backslides but, for the most part, it worked.   I didn’t feel guilty telling girls I wasn’t interested and I didn’t have to dread seeing certain people when I went out; it’s kind of crazy how small New York gets as you date more and more people.  

“I knew I was going to marry her”

After a year or so of doing this, I met the woman who is now my wife and, although it sounds so cliché, I knew I was going to marry her immediately.  I’m not sure I would have had this feeling or been as receptive to it had I continued trying to shtup everything that moved.

I’m just one guy and this is just my personal experience.  You can’t predict when this will happen to other guys, or if it will happen at all.  But, the chances are good that most guys will come to this decision themselves; either because he has made the conscious decision (like I did) to stop pursuing the random hook-up as the goal for each night out, or because he meets a girl and there is such chemistry that he decides he wants to keep it going. He’ll be the better man for it.

Allan Reynzo

My Lulu ‘blind’ date

It’s a month on since Sarah Burns, self-proclaimed super-user and the focus of a recent “ABC News” report about Lulu, went on a very special date - a Lulu date. How does she feel now that she’s had time to reflect upon her experience? Did she find Lulu a useful tool for navigating the world of dating? Keep reading for Sarah’s special update!

I did it. I survived a blind date, even though it wasn’t exactly blind. A month ago, I met up with Alex after checking him out on Lulu, and I have no regrets.  In fact, I am happy to reveal that Alex and I are still in touch!

“The dating world is changing”

 I have always been a shy girl when it comes to dating. Being a single, 20-something in New York City, that had to change. I have a punching hunger inside to find someone. Everyone does.  And when there’s a new guy on our radar, it’s a normal reaction to have a sense of curiosity. We can’t help but wonder the qualities that are not visible in their eyes or smile. 

Before meeting Alex, I felt both comforted and unnerved by the Lulu app.  I liked how empowering it was, providing the inside scoop on someone that had no access to me. I felt guilty and entertained all at once. Who knew if these ratings and hash-tags even truly described the real him? Regardless of the truth, I was eager to find out.

“Lulu gives me awareness and immediate guidance”

It turns out that many of the words used to describe Alex were qualities that I agreed with. For instance: #AlwaysHappy, #CleansUpGood, #WorkEthic, #TallDarkAndHandsome. But, there were a few that missed, like #Boring, #Stage5Clinger, #NoEdge, and #CheaperThanABigMac. I showed these to Alex, and he laughed. Even though those descriptions are harsh, I think he took them with a grain of salt (and he still liked the attention). 

After using Lulu, I have become aware that the dating world is changing. It’s brutal. Lulu gives me awareness and immediate guidance. It gives me power. But, it also reminds me to make my own discoveries, taking in everything with an open mind. I appreciate the differences we all have as individuals. I feel so lucky to have experienced a Lulu success!

Sarah Burns

Lulu Honors Female Olympians in Sochi

We love the winter olympics, and we love women. So obviously, we’ve been dedicated to watching our amazing USA female athletes tear up the ice & snow in Sochi this year! 

Below are a few of our favorite Sochi Snow bunnies. We’ve given them trademark Lulu hashtags to let them know we’re rooting for them!











Lulu’s Valentine’s Day MAD LIB

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve created a special “fill-in-the-blank” Mad Libs.  You know the deal: fill in the blanks on the first page, then add your words to the story. You may need a fan to help cool you down…
Print them out and share with friends. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Happy Valentine’s Day!



A new year for Lulu and a new line-up for our blog

We’ve just celebrated our one-year anniversary and to honor this we’re revamping our blog. We’ve redesigned this space to be your go-to source for insights and news about Lulu, the fast-growing network for girls to share their experiences and make smarter decisions—starting with relationships.  

Since CEO Alexandra Chong and co-founder Alison Schwartz first launched Lulu one year ago, we have grown to more than 5 million users worldwide; 1 in 4 US college girls now have the app on their smartphones.

We have many exciting changes coming in 2014 and we can’t wait to share them with you! Check in to this blog for product updates, user stories, and all kinds of Lulu fun: custom profiles, sex and dating advice from Dear Dude, and our take on the news, entertainment and people who are important to you.


What’s coming up in February?

Today, we’re kicking off with a Valentine’s Day special. Be sure to check back throughout the week for special features—including Valentine’s Day-themed Dear Dudes and profiles of the greatest lovers—to make the day of love extra fun.  Or at least to keep you distracted from your crippling loneliness.

Also lined up is a contribution from Sarah Burns, super-user and the focus of ABC News’ recent report on Lulu. We’re looking forward to getting the latest on her Lulu date with #CaptainFun.

And since finding love is a particularly hot topic this month, our blog team will be exploring the role that Lulu plays as a dating compass for women. How important are the reviews our friends provide in today’s world of relationships? Don’t miss it!

Write for us!

We love hearing about your Lulu experiences! Whether you’re a user who can’t get enough of the app, or a guy basking in the glow of his 8.3 Lulu score, why not pitch a story to be featured on our blog? Email if you’re interested in sharing your experience.

Bye for now!

The Lulu Team

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